Rfid Keyboard Door Access Control System Kit Electric Magnetic Electronic Door Lock

Price: 16500
Model: AC-91


brief information
Product Origin:
Rfid access control keyboard
Finerprint Capacity:
Working voltage:
DC12V ± 10%

Product Description:

Access platform:
Communications: TCP / IP
Supported software database: access and sql code
Power supply input: 12 V DC, 4 ~ 7A
Input Reader format: Wiegand 26 bit
Door control: 1 door (enter the door using conducting card, and exit the door using the button)
Number of users: 20,000 users
Number of event buffers (stand-alone): 100,000 event buffers
Maximum distance from the reader to the controller: 100 m (recommended distance 80 m)

Power Supply Features:

The width of the voltage range everything can be regularly used from 100 V-260 V, one by one the national energy consumption of world voltage, the weight of the lamp, transportation is convenient, the interference is small, Property The characteristics of the output voltage strictly reduces the carrier roller to full load with voltage fluctuation only then when +/- the temperature, which is 1%, is fixed before the increase in electricity (compared to the source of the operating frequency) strongly. exchange import: Standard AC100V-260V 50-60hz.direct current outputs: Stabilivolt DC12V / 3 A. Directly controlled by electricity locks: Case with a time delay controls the circuit, the shutdown time can reach 0-15, the second is arbitrarily regulated. automation protection function: think that the power supply exports automatic protection that does not require voltage, when a short circuit occurred in the circuit. outer iron housing measuring 103 mm x 68 mm x 33 mm

Power Supply:
AC Input: AC110V / 220 V
DC Output: DC12V / 5A

2 wires electric plug-in locks, made of high quality parts.
Size: 200 × 34 × 42 mm, electric current: 0.45A

Recordable key fobs and cards:
Operating frequency: 125 kHz
Reading distance: 3 ~ 10 cm
Standard: EM4100 Compatibility
Each key fob has an uniqe identification number. Read Only and Overwrite