Restaurant Vip Membership cards best price in bd

Price: 50
Model: SD-52


Restaurant Vip Membership cards

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  • Glossy Matte Frosted Silver Bottom (Glitter) Barcode Gold, Silver Magnetic Stripe Coding   Magnetic Stripe Ordinary Magnetic Stripe 300OE  , High Anti-Magnetic Stripe 2750OE )    Transparent Card Bronzing, Silver    UV Oil    ABS Environmentally Friendly Material Scratch Music Recharge Card Portrait Card    Clothing Tag Card  Medical Card    Special-shaped Card    

  • Telecommunication card Discount card Temperature card Self-adhesive     NBS garbled      synthetic film    protective film  

  • Running water embossing code, hot mirror, laser gold   OPP bag, watermark   and corns, gold, silver flat code, black flat code,   DOD flat code, barcode, two-dimensional code       screen printing pantone spot color. Special-shaped size can be customized  phone cards, medical cards, magnetic stripe cards, barcode cards, VIP cards, rechargeable cards, Hundreds of products such as game cards, calendar cards, contact and non-contact IC cards, hotel door cards, parking cards, frosted transparent business cards, special-shaped cards, etc.