Home Security Alarm System Wireless Sensor Combines Motion PIR Sensor and Siren with Remote Control PY-SY083

Price: 2850
Model: ES-22


brief information
Product Origin:
The product's name:
Wireless alarm sensor
Power supply:
DC 6V (4pcs. AAA battery)
Detection angle:
110 degrees
Detection Distance:
3 to 7 m
Host sizes:
122x86x45 mm

1. combines a PIR motion sensor and a siren together in the host, works with IR remote controls,
2. Detection distance: from 3 to 7 m
3. Detection angle: 110 degrees
4. Power supply: 6 V DC (4 AAA batteries)
5. Host dimensions: 122 * 86 * 45 mm
6. Siren volume: 105 dB
7. Standby current: less than 100 mA
8. Alarm current: less than 150 mA
9. Power supply IR remte control: 3 * LR44 / AG13 battery
10. Includes 2 direct infrared remote controls, please use it directly in front of the sensor
11. Support for 220V charger (not included)
12. Do not fix this sensor near heating materials
13. Please check its sensitivity monthly to make sure he is in good condition. Change the batteries every 3 months if you are not using a 220 V charger.
14. emergency power supply: 4 AA batteries 1.5 V or 6 V DC (not included)
15. Remote control power supply: 3 AG13 batteries (included)