High quality door lock for star hotels

Price: 15500
Model: DL-20


brief information
Product Origin:
Materail ::
Zinc alloy
Surface treatment::
PVD Tone 24K Gold Polished
Key lock
Silver / golden

Product Description:

1. Characteristics:

1. Metal structure, sturdy and durable;
2. Adopt Japanese MABUCHI micro-motors, which provide 500,000 working hours without problems;
3. The use of Dutch PHILIPS or American ATMEL chips for printed circuit boards, stable and durable;
4. International standard five locking latches that pass testing 300,000 times.
5. Anti-cylinder opening technology and computer keys endow door lock with higher protection against burglary;
6. Hotel lock management software can be connected to the reception system of the German control company Fidelio;
7. Current latest 992 pieces unlock records can be stored in the door lock chip, even mechanical keys to open the record without exception;
8. A normal open state can be set for a meeting.
9. Perfect key card management and precise management. There is a main card, an assembly card, a floor card, a guest card, an emergency card. Hotel managers can change the credentials of each card at any time according to actual needs.

2. Technical parameters:
1. Power supply DC4.5V-6.5V, 4 standard alkaline batteries 1.5 in AA;
2. Battery life more than 15,000 times normal unlock;
3. Static current <20 uA;
4. dynamic current <150 mA;
5. Storage temperature -20- + 85;
6. Storage humidity 10-98% relative humidity;
7. Operating temperature 0- + 60;
8. Operating humidity 15-95% relative humidity;
9. Card reading distance 0-5 cm;
10. Reading and writing time <0.5 s;
11. Data storage for more than 10 years;
12. Applicable chip Mifare-1 card (13.56 MHz), Temic 5557 card or EM card (100 kHz-150 kHz);
13. Reading and writing wayNon-touched closer induction;
14. Opening time turns the knob once to open the door in action, if you do not open the door, it will be locked automatically at 6 s;
15. Reliable opening speed is 100% with normal punching;
16. Low-voltage signal, when the voltage is lower than 4.8 V, there is an Acousto-optic warning, but it can still be opened 100 times;
17. The mechanical key is equipped with a spare mechanical key, make sure that the door unlocks in an emergency; it can be made in one key for one door or one key for all doors;
18. Installation size, make sure the door thickness is between 38 and 55 mm (please note specifically if more than 55 mm). 45 mm is the best thickness. If the door surface is decorated, the distance between the decorative edge and the edge of the door should be more than 130 mm.

3. Specifications: